About Athma

                 Dr. Bibin Kesavan and Dr. Chintu began their journey on the path of healing with Reiki in 1998.Prior to this, Dr.Bibin had been a meditator and healer for years. He was initiated into Reiki and soon after he started helping people by channeling healing to them.Dr.Chintu joined him thereafter once she was attuned as a Reiki healer.The institute was founded by Dr. Bibin Kesavan and Dr. Chintu Bibin in 2007. Her tryst with Reiki was a very over-whelming experience as it completely changed her life. It helped her discover her psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. The experience helped her realise the meaning of several paranormal visions & episodes that she had been experiencing since childhood. Together they received teacher’s training in Reiki and were attuned to the Master level. Thus, started their joint venture in initiating an institute which was going to be the base of all the modalities practiced by them for healing and teaching purposes.

                   They received training in Crystal healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, fengshui and related subjects, apart from the other training programs from a few institutes across the world. The training was like receiving a magical key that continues to unlock more doors and windows of awakening each day. Life has been a complete metamorphosis ever since for them. As late Dr. Sunny Satin said, “Happiness is a state of mind, they continue to help people achieve it”.

                       We, at Athma Institute, aim to facilitate therapy and healing to as many as we can on our journey through The Shift towards The New Earth to inspire human consciousness, to explore and tap into its inner core strength and to enable it to manifest a world endowed with love, peace and harmony.

                    We spread the benefits of drug-less therapy that utilizes full power of the client’s mind to heal the client or to solve his/her problems. Our mission is to bring health, peace, happiness, Love, Light and awareness to individuals and groups for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach.